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ARTIST includE:

Andreas Blank, Claire Brewster, Jo Broughton, Natasha Chambers, Oliver Clegg, Julie Cockburn, Adam Dix, Sean Dower, Tracey Emin, Angus Fairhurst, Vanessa Fristedt, Tom Gidley, Cate Halpin, Susie Hamilton, Georgie Hopton, Rachel Howard, Duncan MacAskill, Harland Miller, Polly Morgan, Benjamin Newton, Molly Palmer, Julia Riddiough, Jane Simpson, James White and Miyo Yoshida.

Posted is a temporary exhibition space in a former post office in east london that will present a series of art exhibitions, performances, screenings and workshops celebrating the post and exploring and examining our postal history and heritage.

  • Adam Dix, 'The Advocates', 2010, Ink and oil on canvas, 71x71cm
  • Andreas Blank, 'Untitled Sone Box', 2010, Limestone, stamp, ink, 10x35x30cm
  • Angus Fairhurst, 'All Evidence of Man Blacked Out', 1996, Postcard, ink, 18.5x13.5cm (framed)
  • Benjamin Newton, '2828 (Hitler)' and '16-03-31 (Lenin)', 2010, Bleached stamps, 46.5x42cm
  • Cate Halpin, 'Stamp Collection', 1993, Paper, ink, glue, 23x18x2cm
  • Claire Brewster, 'False Principles', 2010, Cut from found paper envelopes, dims variable
  • Georgie Hopton, 'Four Postcards', 2010
  • Harland Miller - 3am and anything is possible now - even us - even we are possible now - 2009
  • Jane Simpson, 'Loving Letters', 2010, installation with objects and letters, dims variable
  • Itai Doron, 'New Love, Moscow', 2010, Hand coloured photographic prints
  • James White, 'London Electricity', 2010, Oil and varnish on birch in perspex box frame, 29x34cm
  • Julia Riddiough, 'Misguided', 2010, Printed paper and bound book, 22x26cm
  • Julie Cockburn, 'Satellite 1-13', 2010, Embroidery on found postcards, dims variable
  • Miyo Yoshida, 'Absence', 2010, Styrene, paint, dims variable
  • Natasha Chambers, 'Tick Tock', 2010, Wood, metronome, clock, paper, LED, 27x27x15cm
  • Oliver Clegg, 'Sit Write Post', 2010, Carved wood, postbag, dims variable
  • Polly Morgan, 'M.S. Found in a Bottle', 2008, Glass, plinth, pigeon, 110x32x25cm
  • Rachel Howard, 'First Post', 2010, Oil on canvas, 91.5x76cm
  • Sean Dower, Hostage Situation', 2010, Watercolour on paper, 37x32cm (framed)
  • Sean Dower, 'Post Bag (Creature of the Night)', 1996-2010, Light jet photographic print on paper, aluminium, perspex, 40.5x61cm
  • Susie Hamilton, 'Pony Express, sketches', 2010, Acrylic on paper, 38x38cm
  • Tom Gidley, 'The Postmistress', 2010, Oil on linen, 40x30cm
  • Tom Gidley, 'Thursday Afternoon', 2010, Crystal glazed ceramic, each approx 25x16x13cm
  • Molly Palmer, ‘Spore’, 2010, Intaglio monotype and gouache on paper, 3 parts, each 20 x 100 cm
london 2010
postal museum
julia royse
lotery funded